The National Referee’s Committee would like to invite it’s members to vote for a candidate for the position of Administrator. All registered members are entitled to vote once. The voting form is below.

The position is for a two year term beginning May 11th 2016 ending May 23rd 2018

The Election Process

The Administrator will be elected in line with the following process:

  • By way of a ballot of all Basketball Ireland registered referees
  • Each registered official is eligible to vote once
  • The closing date for the election is April 27th 2016 at 5pm
  • The candidate with the highest number of votes will be deemed elected

The roles of the Administrator will be as follows:

  • Organising and following up meetings of the Committee
  • Looking after the overall administration of the Committee
  • Deal with correspondence
  • Contacting other members to follow-up tasks needing to be done
  • Act as a liaison with the National League Officials Panel

The roles of the Administrator before meetings will be as follows:

  • Make sure a venue is available for the meeting
  • Make sure that the Minutes of the previous meeting are written up and a copy circulated to all Committee members with notice of the next meeting (date, place, time) and a draft Agenda for the coming meeting
  • Settle the items of the agenda with the Chairperson and prepare copies for all members
  • Keep all the papers that may be needed at the meeting in a folder – they should be arranged in the order that will be needed
  • Have any reports or information ready which may have been asked for at the previous meeting the roles of the Administrator during meetings will be as follows:
  • Make sure all correspondence and other necessary papers are ready
  • Make a note of those present and also of all apologies
  • See that a quorum is present before any committee business is done
  • Read the minutes of the previous meeting and obtain the Chair’s signature
  • Take notes of the business of the meeting for the minutes
  • Assist the Chair with any information required, including giving advice on the consequences of the Correspondence items or other documents

The roles of the Administrator post meetings will be as follows:

  • Draft or check the Minutes as soon as possible and submit them to the Chair for approval
  • Write any letters, secure any information or take any action on matters decided by the committee
  • Write up the Minutes for circulation
  • Circulate the Minutes to all the members of the Committee
  • If action is to be taken by anyone else, check that they know they are meant to do that job, and when the Committee needs to have a result

This is a two year term beginning May 11th 2016 ending May 23rd 2018

Please complete this form to vote for the position of NRC Administrator.

Submission deadline is Wed., April 27th, 2016 at 5pm. Forms received after this time will not be accepted.

*All fields are required. You can only vote once!


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