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The Registrations for the technical memberships is open.

Click here to access the registrations system or use the registrations link on the BI website.

This season, Garda vetting is mandatory for people working directly with children under 18 years of age. For this reason, we have created a new “Volunteer” category which is free of charge. If you wish to choose this option, please choose your club, or if you have no club, choose “Indep. Tech. Mem.” option from the drop down menu at the start of the registration process and continue as normal.

**Important information on Garda Vetting and Child Protection below, Please Read – **

Due to the recently implemented Garda Vetting legislation, Clubs must have available a set number of people available at club level to witness vetting applicants identification documents.  We suggest the Club Child Protection Officer, The Designated Person and the Club Secretary does this.  There are fields in the registration to input their details.  Should you wish for other committee members to be able to provide assistance at a local level, please send an email to including the name, email address and contact telephone number for the extra people.  The same people listed as these roles will be the only people within the club to check if existing club members have already been vetted and if so, when their vetting expires.

This involves signing Section 2 of the BI Garda Vetting Identification Form agreeing that he/she has witnessed original copies of the ID and attached copies of it to the ID form itself.  The completed ID form with copies must accompany the Garda Vetting form that is sent to BIHQ for recording before forwarding to the National Vetting Unit for processing.

The people who can process these forms must be recorded during the Club Registration Process as we need to be able to forward details to those requesting from head office who/where to have their vetting applications processed from locally.  This may include registered technical members who do not direct affiliation to a club, but once they can provide a BI Pin which will be checked at BIHQ before processing, you should process them in the same fashion as you would your club members.

Full details of the new Vetting Process can be found at the following link:

Full details of the new Child Protection guidelines can be found at the following link:

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