by Niamh Callaghan

Monday, July 4th, 2016

First Day in Slovenia

Niamh Callaghan

Niamh Callaghan

Our first morning workout began with a 7:15 workout and had a fundamental focus on how to prepare our bodies as referees and highlighted how important conditioning is in top level officiating. As referees it isn’t enough to be in shape in order to keep up with the pace of the game, we must train like athletes both mentally and physically. During our first clinic we discussed the basic mechanics of 3PO. Following this clinic, we then refereed some games outside in order to put our new knowledge into practice. The key teaching points from today’s lessons, which were continually used and reinforced, included ‘close down’ and ‘cross step’.

In the afternoon we had a short rest period which I used in order to learn more about my fellow officials. I was even lucky enough to get an offer to attend the Copenhagen under 18 invitational tournament next summer.

During our second clinic we looked at a series of video clips which tested our knowledge and attention to detail as officials. Also, we discussed various new rule additions which will be enforced in the next year. One key signaling change was mentioned which was in relation to flopping. When a player flops for a first time, the official shall make a gesture with an open hand motioning for the player to get up. This motion will be completed twice and will act as an initial warning to the player for flopping, a verbal warning will then be made to the player at the next available opportunity.

My first night in Slovenia was completed with some 5 on 5 full court games. For my first game I was named crew chief with one referee Karoline from Scotland and Lavina from Romania. During this game our key goal as an officiating crew was to get our mechanics right and ensure that we maintained good communication with one another. Refereeing with officials from various other countries was a fantastic experience and made me work harder in order to continue to improve. Their passion for the game was infectious and I couldn’t wait to see what day number two in Postenjia would hold for me.

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This is the fourth year in a row that the NRC, in conjunction with Basketball Ireland, have sent a young female to this FIBA camp

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