by Niamh Callaghan

Wednesday, July 6th, 2016

Day 3 – Women’s Officiating

Niamh Callaghan

Niamh Callaghan

For our daily morning workout, today’s focus was on developing a correct sprinting technique and enhancing our footwork skills for quick changes in direction. These skills are very under appreciated as referees, however if you have a good sprinting technique and quick footwork you will see instantaneous improvements in your refereeing as you are able to get to the right spot must faster thus allowing the standard of your calls to improve.

Today we had a clinic on refereeing as a female. I found this clinic to be very beneficial as we discussed how to referee the game as a female, how to deal with prejudices as a female official and how to improve our game management skills. The major point of emphasis in this clinic was that we must prepare our bodies to be at the peak of our physical condition in order to get the highest standards of games, and it is only through refereeing the best standard of basketball that we can truly improve officials. Also we just train our minds as well as our bodies in order to ensure that we can maintain mental sharpness through the duration of a game. It was also heavily emphasised that we as young female officials must also try to encourage other young females to take up refereeing in order to enhance the profile of female referees in our country.

Today was our long awaited day off. We got to have a relaxing day at the Slovenian coast and talk to my fellow colleagues on a more personal basis over some ice cream of course!

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This is the fourth year in a row that the NRC, in conjunction with Basketball Ireland, have sent a young female to this FIBA camp

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