IWA-Sport is committed to ensuring the standard of officiating in the Irish Wheelchair Basketball is of the highest level at all times. To this end we are offering professional development opportunities to our existing and new officials with a view to ensuring

  • That our officials knowledge of the game is thorough and extensive on an ongoing basis.
  • That a uniformed level of consistency is evident at all times throughout our competitions.

Participant Suitability

This course is suitable for new and experienced wheelchair basketball referees.

  • New referees will have a great opportunity to learn how to officiate wheelchair basketball, get to know some wonderful co-officials, and become part of a warm, welcoming sporting community.
  • Established or experienced, referees will have the chance to update and refine their skills, learn through each others’ experience, and form a level of officiating consistency within our official body.

Governing body expectation

Whilst currently the participation in this course is not compulsory for anyone who wishes to referee in the Irish Wheelchair Basketball league, our hope and expectation is that all referees, particularly established referees will be open minded and willing to upskill their knowledge about wheelchair basketball on an ongoing basis.


Venue: IWA Sport HQ, Blackheath Drive, Clontarf, Dublin 3

Google Maps: IWA-Sport HQ

Date: March 4th 2018

Time: Registration 10:15am


To register your interest please email  or call (087) 137 1333

For more information and the agenda please download IWB Referees Course – 4th March 2018 (pdf – 177KB)

"Recruiting, Developing & Retaining referees for current and future basketball needs in Ireland"

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