This is a call for nominations to the NRC Committee for the positions of NRC Chairperson, Registrar & Finance Officer and Area Board Liaison Officer.

Nominations for each position must be received prior to 5pm on Monday, August 19, 2019.

The specifications for each role are below; which is taken from the NRC Rules & Regulations document, dated 2015/2016 – updated 2018.

All terms of office will be for a period of two years unless specified, any vacant position will be filled by the election process.

The roles of the Chairperson will be as follows:

  • Be the public representative of the Committee to the wider Basketball community
  • Be aware of and sign all documents that set out policy or have financial implications for the committee
  • Consult beforehand with the Secretary on all the business to be discussed at meetings
  • Supervise and to prepare, together with the Secretary, the agenda for the meeting
  • Check that all reports etc which should accompany the agenda, minutes and correspondence are sent out to members in sufficient time before the meeting
  • Check the minutes of the previous meeting and sign for accuracy
  • Be acquainted with any reports, correspondence, business etc, which is to be presented the meeting
  • Work with the Secretary to ensure that tasks which were to be completed between meetings are completed
  • Be designated as the NRC Anti Corruption Officer (may designate an alternative within the NRC Committee Structure)

The roles of the Chairperson during meetings will be as follows:

  • Open the meeting
  • Check for quorum
  • Conduct the business of the meeting and according to the order of the agenda paper unless it is altered with the consent of the meeting
  • Confine discussion to the item actually before the meeting and to see that it is dealt with and settled or adjourned before passing on to the next
  • Allow free and, if necessary, formal debate
  • Give all those wishing to speak an opportunity to do so, to see that their remarks are addressed to the Chair and to allow no private discussion or personal matter to be introduced in a negative way
  • Say who is to speak, if two people should speak at the same time – The Chairperson’s decision on such points is final
  • Make every effort to let any meeting over which she/he presides understand the reasons for and purpose of his/her rulings
  • Close the meeting when all matters are attended to.

Taken from the NRC Rules & Regulations Document, Dated 2015/2016, Updated 2018

The role of the NRC Registrar & Finance Officer will be as follows:

  • Oversee and present budgets, accounts and financial statements to the management committee, ensuring that appropriate financial systems and controls are in place
  • Prepare and present budgets for new or ongoing work
  • Present monthly reports on the committee’s financial position
  • Prepare accounts for audit and liaising with the auditor, as required
  • Manage bank accounts
  • Setup up appropriate systems for book-keeping, payments, lodgement and petty cash
  • Provide a watchdog role over all aspects of financial management, working closely with other members of the Committee to safeguard the committee’s finances
  • Ensure everyone handling money keeps proper records and documentation

The roles of the Area Board Liaison Officer will be as follows:

  • Represent the NRC at Area Association Executive Committees Meetings if required
  • Provide a direct link between the NRC and Area Associations at all times
  • Work closely with the Local Development Officers to support an agreed Development Plan
  • Any other function the Chairperson of the NRC may request

The Election Process

Nominees for the NRC Committee positions be elected in line with the following process:

  • By way of a ballot of all Basketball Ireland registered referees
  • Each registered official is eligible to vote once
  • The National Referees Committee will invite nominations for each position; the closing date for nominations will be at least two weeks prior to any election
  • The National Referees Committee will confirm with the nominated candidates their intention to stand for election
  • If there is only one nominated candidate, this candidate will automatically be deemed elected
  • Where more than one nomination for the either or both positions is received the election process will take place with all registered officials eligible to vote
  • The candidate with the highest number of votes will be deemed elected

Nomination Form


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