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  • Stay on topic. Of course we want discussion to be as wide-ranging as possible, and we understand that conversations can take unexpected turns. But we’d like to make our comments and forums areas a place for people to debate the issues. If you have any suggestions, criticisms, ideas or complaints about website, we’d love to hear them. And if you’d like to trade insults about any author or user’s political, religious or geographic background, please take it elsewhere.
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  • Try and be clear about the point you are making. Be aware that to someone in a different place, or from a different background, the finer points of your tone may not be obvious. If somebody seems not to have picked up on your irony or sarcasm, be tolerant.
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  • Any content which is libellous, prejudicial to an ongoing court case, or could otherwise land us in legal trouble, will be removed on notification or otherwise. You will not necessarily be notified if we have removed a comment.
  • Please be aware before you submit a comment that you will not be offered an opportunity to edit it, and may not be able to remove it post-publication.
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We want our website to be a place where everyone can join an open and civilised debate. If you come across a comment that you believe goes outside these guidelines, or is offensive enough to merit removing, please bring it to our attention. You will be asked to give your reasons for wanting the comment removed.

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While we do not and cannot review every comment, we reserve the right to remove any we deem unacceptable without notification. We reserve the right to block at our discretion users who are in breach of these guidelines.

Finally, we do not monitor comments. However, we reserve the right to take down material that comes to our attention via a complaint or otherwise. We separately reserve the right to ban users on the basis set out above. While we operate a three strikes policy, on occasion a particular situation may be significantly serious to demand immediate removal and banning. All decisions in relation to these matters are carried out at our own discretion.

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